Facial Toning

(30 Minute Face Lift)

30 Minutes      ₡25,000

6 Session Bulk Pack (@ ₡19,00/session)  ₡114,000

Also Known As – (Micro current) This is a very popular European and U.S. anti aging face and body skin care system, used to diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.  Multiple sessions improves texture and appearance of skin. Reducing the overall appearance of aging. Skin care specialists use micro current to tone the face and regenerate the production of collagen and elastin.  A professional dermatology machine with attached wands is used to exercise the muscles of the face so it tightens naturally.  Another way to describe it is a face work out.  Celebrities in front of cameras a lot like this because the results make you look fresh and young..

Anti Aging Facial

60 Minutes      ₡33,000

Cleanse the face, neck and chest. Exfoliate face and neck line, glycolic acid pumpkin mask or glycolic peel, 15 minute steam, massage face to stimulate blood flow, extractions, ice towel, toner, vitamin C booster serum for eyes and face, and for top moisturizing layer a Retinoli treatment moisturizer for ridding sun spots and wrinkles. Final step, sun screen.



40 Minutes      ₡28,000

Helps to gently exfoliate surface layers of skin using abrasion and suction. The machine we use has fine crystals or minute diamond-studded tips to abrade the skin and vacuum suction to remove dead skin cells. Its a simple, quick, and painless cosmetic treatment with no downtime and minimal risk.


Deluxe Facial Package Combines  – Anti Aging Facial, Microdermabrasion, and Facial Toning

120 Minutes      ₡75,000

Hydrate Rejuvenate Facial

40 Minutes     ₡30,000

We begin by using hot wet towel to moisten skin.  With natural fiber brush we clean with Aromaflor organic cleanser.  Exfoliate old skin with a deep scrub, followed by applying clay mask.  Scrub neck, chest and arms to leave entire upper body smooth.  Steam face to open pores with a professional ozone steamer.  Massage upper body to stimulate blood flow to the face.  Extract all dirty pores.  Tone with organic tonic.  Hydrate eyes, face, lips, and neck line with antioxidant serum.  Finish top layer with a gentle natural moisturizing Sunscreen.


Mix and Match Combination Packages


 Hydrate Rejuvenate Facial + Micro Dermabrasion


Hydrate Rejuvenate Facial + Facial Toning

75 Minutes     ₡57,000